Jazz It Up! Salon Equipment & Furniture

Salon Furniture & Equipment Can Be Hard To Come By…

The salon furniture market is tricky because it is such a specific one. You either find equipment that costs less but is not the most attractive, or you find amazing equipment that costs a fortune. Luckily, Jazz Pedraza’s Salon Equipment and Furniture Store finds you salon furniture and equipment that is both classy and affordable. By leasing out equipment rather than having customers buy it outright, we allow budding businesses to save and build up a reputation by providing them with quality, beautiful chairs and other pieces of equipment.

Jazz Pedraza knows quality salon pieces because he knows what working in a salon is like. After working at various barbershops, he eventually owned his own in Hollywood, Florida. He knows that the haircutting and salon businesses can be cutthroat, and he knows that part of that competition is due to face value. If a customer does not value (at least in part) the aesthetic of the business, they are less likely to come back. Jazz Pedraza wants your customers to come back, and he wants you to always be pleased by the services his store offers.

Goods We Offer

Some of the items we offer as part of our inventory are:

  • Curling Chairs & Cutting Chairs
  • Hair Drying Stations
  • Mirrors
  • Lighting For Mirrors
  • Display Cases
  • Wash Stations
  • Hair Dressing Trolleys

We always keep our inventory updated, so when the latest trends come out you can expect them to be in our store. We also offer many different styles, so whether you are a rockabilly trend-setter or a mom and pop barber shop, we can cater to your needs.

We Work With Businesses

We also know that if you are just starting out in the salon, you may also need a little extra help to get your business up and running. That is why we offer financing for most customers, as long as your credit is good. While we have to keep afloat, too, we are more interested in helping small businesses stay open and thrive. Additionally, if you don’t see something in our store that you like, we are happy to do the searching and ordering for you — saving you more time with your customers.

If you know a small business that could benefit from doing business with us, please do not hesitate to contact Jazz directly. We are always available to serve your needs, and we look forward to your future business.