Add a tanning bed to make your salon full-service

Unless you are in a niche market, your salon is likely to advertise being full-service to meet every person’s beauty needs. Hair, nails, and skin care go together, and a person wants to leave the salon feeling like a new person.

If a person wants to tan, you don’t want them going to another salon.

A client who seeks tanning elsewhere will seek other services elsewhere. A salon loses clients if they don’t offer tanning services. One tanning bed may not be the best answer, but it is better than no tanning bed.

Financial benefits to a tanning bed

Not only does a tanning bed keep clients from entering other salons, but it makes financial sense.

  • Tanning customers spend hundreds of dollars a month on tanning services
  • Tanning lotions sell at a considerable profit
  • Tanning beds can be leased or purchased with very little maintenance costs
  • Servicing tanning beds in between customers is quick and uses very little resources (cleaner)

Advertising benefits

  • Truly be able to advertise full service
  • Appeal to customer expectations
  • Offer specials to bring in extra customers
  • Expand product lines to include tanning lotions

The posters in a salon often show tan people on the beach with long beach curls and sunkissed hair. Customers see these advertisements, and they want to look like those individuals. Unfortunately, most people work indoors, wear sunscreen when not indoors, and they don’t get enough activity. Tans make people look happier and healthier, so not only does a tanning salon provide some happiness, people leaving your salon will look happy. This adds to your advertising. You want people to look good as they leave your salon.

Adding a tanning bed or multiple tanning beds also give a salon the opportunity to be unique. Tanning rooms can offer plush towels, premium music services, and multiple fans or temperature controls to give users the ultimate tanning experience. A more expensive option may be to include showers outside the tanning rooms, so people can leave without the sticky heat of their tanning experience.

The basic premise concerning tanning beds is that they should be included in most salons. They are profitable, advertise a salon as full-service, and they keep people from leaving to seek tanning elsewhere. The opportunities surrounding tanning beds are much broader, and they allow for a salon to offer unique services that clients cannot get elsewhere. They won’t just be happy that their salon is full service. They’ll stay because the service is so great.

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