Tidy Up Your Salon Workstation with Fabric Storage Bins

All salon owners and all stylists know that one of the hardest things to do for your shop is to keep your vast array of tools and salon necessities organized. Whether it is the tangle of cords at the outlets or the tools splayed out all over work stations, clutter can pose a problem. All upscale, modern salons work around minimalist styles, and it is hard to convey a feeling of minimalism when a station is in a state of disarray. Additionally, it can pose a safety threat. When chemicals and sharp objects are left out in a clutter and cords are taking up the majority of a station floor, disorganization is just a disaster waiting to happen. Keeping areas clean and organized is an absolute must for all salons.

New & Chic Organizational Tips

In addition to minimalism, professional spaces are now looking for ways to cater to millennials. Gone are the cluttered, garish fashions of previous decades and in are new styles. Color, simplicity and fun are bringing customers in and taking the place of traditional storage bins and filing cabinets. One of the best ways to achieve bulk, micro, and office organizational needs is by utilizing the power of the collapsible fabric storage bin. These bins provide the same organizational duties, but are:

  • significantly cheaper than metal filing cabinets or rolling storage bins
  • are easily mobile, meaning that when you change stations your stuff comes with ease
  • easy to fit with preexisting office and salon styles
  • easy to clean, meaning less work for you at the end of the day!

Ideas On How To Use Them

Everyone is into the idea of using these bins, and the internet can prove that! If you are feeling stuck on ways that collapsible storage bins might benefit your business, you can google ideas and be met with a load that will inspire you to make drastic organizational changes. Some of the ways you might use these include: 

  • converting a thrift-shop bookshelf into a pull-out storage shelf
  • storing boxes under stations to hold bulkier but less commonly-used items such as curlers and irons
  • holding styling books and magazines for customer waiting rooms
  • keeping styling products in a de-cluttered locale

Storage bins are one of the newest waves of organizational trends, and are easily available at every online retailer. Click here to browse styles, shapes and prices.

Lastly, keep in mind that while organization is not always the most fun task, it is not hard to reap the rewards of an organized space. Happy organizing!


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